Healing Courses

A course that explores, and introduces you to, ways that can help you define and refine your healing ability.

Four fortnightly 2.5hr Zoom workshops that look at the concept and parameters of healing, culminating in an optional in- person weekend workshop in Suffolk.

Working as a healer may be a new idea for you or you may be someway along this road already. This is an opportunity to come together with other like-minded people to explore and develop ourselves as healers.

Kate’s work is strongly orientated around being in a clear, grounded and connected state before starting any work with others. This part of the learning process lends itself

greatly to becoming one’s own therapist / healer and getting to know yourself and your Devine support network more fully.

This course will be suitable for anyone already working within the healing arts (i.e. bodyworker, therapist of any kind), or anyone who is simply feeling called in this direction but has not yet formulated an idea of what that might mean for them. As we start to explore the concept of healing others, we will explore ways that ‘come easy’ for us. We will be able to explore our ‘natural callings’ and our own particular skill base and expand upon it.

The Zoom workshops are designed to get your juices flowing and help you tune into your healing abilities. A strong sitting meditation practice needs to be developed before any

in-person work commences. We will practice meditation together, as well as some self-healing with oils and some group discussion and sensitivity development exercises.

The Zoom sessions will start Saturday 18 May at 2–4.30pm followed by 1, 15 and 29 June 2024.

The in-person weekend will be optional and can be timed according to the group’s readiness and ease, (Dates to be mutually arranged).

The initial course of 4 x 2.5hr Zoom sessions will cost £160.00.

If you are interested in being part of this group please contact Kate at katehealing@gmail.com.