Yoga Therapy Course for Self-Healing on Zoom

Working to the root Using Yoga therapy as a means to get to the root of things!

Yoga is a tool that can help us to know ourselves more deeply.

This four-part course will give us new ways to unravel and heal the root causes of our resistances and blind spots that make it hard for us to be deeply connected with our spirit.

We will explore the tools of yoga including asana, pranayama and meditation practices. As usual I will combine some of these practices with prescribed essential oils to enhance awareness and focus. We will use methods of mindful mobilisation to sensitise to the needs of our bodies as well as bringing attention to the mind-body process. The yoga will be steady and restorative and tailored to the group. We will explore how we can bring light to our deepest and most difficult aspects of self.

Together we will find the courage to go in deep and shine the light of yoga to direct divine/ universal support to the parts of ourselves that we may have overlooked, neglected or abused in days gone by.

This will lead to a process of self-forgiveness, awareness, liberation and joy!!!

This course will run on alternate Saturdays on zoom between 11-1.30pm (with a comfort break.)

April 24th, May 8th, 22nd, June 5th

The sessions will be recorded and sent out within 24 hours to course members only.  If you miss the live session you can catch up in your preferred time and/or may revisit the material over the coming week.

The course cost will be £200.