One-on-one healing sessions soothe the nervous system and help us to reground ourselves. Healing can be particularly useful when there has been past trauma, or prolonged periods of stress, that challenge our mental and physical equilibrium. It can be a starting point for finding a sense of safety and helping let go of energies that may distort our growth and stifle our enjoyment of life.

How does the healing take place? Kate facilitates her clients through a process of ‘self-healing’ as she holds space via silent prayer. She uses a light touch onto the body (through the clothes); sometimes essential oils and floral waters are used to help focus the prayer and enhance healing potential. When appropriate, breath practices are explored within the session or recommended as aftercare. Yoga postures may also be recommended for furthering the healing process at home.

Kate also offers massage therapy when a more physical approach is required to assist the surrender of excess tensions held in our bodies. This can also support the unravelling of psychosomatic issues that affect our movement or our behavioural patterns.

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