Yoga therapy is a beautiful way of working with the parts of our self that can sometimes be hard to access, ether in mind or body. It can help us to become more grounded and know ourselves more fully.

Entrenched patterns of thinking and/or learnt behaviours shape our bodies, our perceptions and our lives. By becoming mindful of our bodies while awakening and cultivating breath awareness, we can come to know ourselves in fresh and alternative ways.

When we practise yoga we learn to treat ourselves with care and respect. We are also able to perceive ways of being and living that promote ‘whole person wellness’. Yoga was originally developed as a means to prepare the body for meditation. As we become comfortable and can sit at ease in our bodies, our minds are also able to quieten. When our bodies are softened as well as strengthened in yoga, renewed flexibility in our spines and firmness of our limbs are reflected in our mental processes. This can open the doorway to meditation and prayer. It is here that we can cultivate a deeper understanding of who we are, and what our purpose is, as we move forward in life.

A regular home practice can help us to maintain greater physical fitness, improved posture, enhanced mood, self-awareness and the ability to manage day-to-day stresses. Kate gives her clients the keys to build and develop their own home practice as a vehicle for further self-discovery and healing.

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