Kate’s work as a healer and teacher has been formulated over 30+ years.

Starting out as a massage therapist and dancer in the early 90’s. Kate was drawn very naturally to energy work. She loved the feeling of the flow of energy in her own body as she danced. She also loved the flow’s she could sense in others through working with massage therapy and teaching free-dance/improvisation in the community for many years.Kate is also a trained yoga therapist & teacher.

Kate has a natural understanding of our vibrational reality and how we can gain deeper awareness and alignment with this greater part of ourselves. She believes the more we can relax into this union with our Inner being/ Soul energy the better life gets and the sky is the limit!

She is a Minded Institute-trained yoga therapist https://themindedinstitute.com and a Kripa Foundation Iyengar Yoga practitioner/teacher http://www.kripafoundation.org

Kate heartily acknowledges, with deep gratitude, the debt she owes her teachers:

Fr Joe Pereira. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_H._Pereira

Lynn Brown.  https://www.auragraph.co.uk/home

Heather Mason and the entire Minded Institute faculty. https://themindedinstitute.com/team/heather-mason/