Extended Class – Sunday 28 April

Kate is passionate about exploring the pathways between our physical body, mind and subtle being — or spirit — using the tools provided by the yogic practices.

An extended class allows a little more time to work inwards. As we release restrictions in our bodies, it is possible to awaken new meaning and insight.

For Kate, yoga is not a preoccupation with the body. It only becomes useful and relevant when we can surrender the relentless drive of the mind and personality in asanas/postures. As we learn to profoundly relax, we tune into the body’s deeper wisdom and our spiritual knowing.

This extended class will be structured around a classical Kripa Foundation Iyengar Yoga protocol which will be adjusted for all levels and abilities. Brief interludes will explore using other helpful tools, such as essential oils, to assist our process and progress.

After a short break partway through, we will continue by preparing the body with Pranayama, for meditation and a final prayer.

This particular classes protocol will specifically stimulate creative flow.

The yoga will be tailored towards a journeying inwards whilst exploring how we can be more fully supported in both mind and body as we practise. With reduced strain and more support/uplift our creative energies can be accessed more easily.

We will also explore our ‘edges of effort’ – too much can deplete us. Too little doesn’t move us forward. When motivated by subtle inner guidance/body wisdom, we may then discover deeper rivers of previously untapped energies becoming accessible to us.


(The yoga gives us a forum to play with such themes that can then be reflected upon and applied in daily life.)


To book, contact Kate directly – katehealing@gmail.com
Sunday 28 April 2019
10.30am -1.30pm



Forthcoming Extended Classes: 

Saturday 22  June 2019  10.30am  – 1.30pm