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Yoga Therapy

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Kripa Foundation Iyengar Yoga Classes

Kate Godwin offers:

Healing, holistic and Ayurvedic massage therapy.

Yoga therapy & Kripa Foundation Iyengar yoga.


We are so enlightened in this age. We appear to have it all and yet are so often struggling and living in a time that is increasingly being defined as an ‘age of anxiety’. Stress, depression, body tension/pain, interrupted sleep, cravings and addictive behaviours are all well known to be some of the consequences of modern-day living. For many of us this means we are extremely over-stimulated and our bodies are burdened.

Ongoing stress and raised cortisol levels can aggravate underlying conditions and can profoundly affect our work and our relationships. Hands on healing, massage, yogic practices and meditation can all help to downgrade our over-stimulated nervous systems and interrupt the vicious cycles of stress that can take us out of balance and away from wellness.

Once stress levels are reduced, we can then can apply self-help protocols to our lifestyle that help us repair and maintain our wellness. Yoga can offer a huge array of very adaptable tools to help us undo past trauma and rebuild balance, physically and mentally. It can also offer us a foundation to get to know ourselves spiritually, which could be seen for many as the missing component of modern day life, and even provide a counterbalance to the more negative aspects of this rapidly changing era.